What To Do While You Wait For a Tow: Towing Cross River New York

Towing Service. The drivers  at East Towing Cross River New York are there for you anytime, 24/7/365, but we want you to be safe while you wait for us; much as we’d like to, we can’t be at every emergency immediately.

So here’s a few solid tips as to what to do while waiting for our tow truck, because even though the rescue is up to us, you can help it along.

Get Out Of Harm’s Way

First and most important, move your car if it’s anywhere near moving traffic; park as far onto the shoulder as is possible, always assuming you can safely drive the vehicle.  It keeps you visible to passing motorists (and this allows the East Towing Cross River New York driver to safely align his tow vehicle with yours) and safe from collision.

Incidentally, when calling East Towing Cross River New York for a tow, make sure to ask the name of the driver coming for you, and/or the license plate number of the unit.

Prep for Safety

Next, turn your hazard lights on (usually the button is on the steering column near the bottom of the wheel; on rare occasions it’s on the dash).  This is an essential safety signal for our tow unit and other motorists.

Not everyone carries reflective triangles in their trunk, but if you do, now’s the time to carefully cordon off the area.

Get Organized!

Next, organize anything you may need to take before you are towed, including your valuables and insurance information.  Have it all handy so you can grab it quickly.

The Number One Rule

Most important of all, STAY IN THE VEHICLE, to be safe from passing vehicles and the elements; don’t accept rides or help from strangers who may stop.  If you must talk to them, inch your window down only.

Once the tow truck arrives, verify the name of the driver or license number.  As soon as you know that the driver is who he says he is, you can safely exit the vehicle.

A Last Word

Finally, resist the temptation to “help out”—your driver knows what to do, so do not put yourself in harm’s way.

Once your tow is secure, your East Towing Cross River New York driver will take you where you need to go.  We’re here for you anytime, remember?

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