Jump Start and Fuel Delivery

Why do people call a tow truck? According to statistics, the top reason is mechanical breakdown. Next in line is accidental lockout. The third most common reason for calling a tow truck is a dead battery or for fuel delivery.

Dead Battery?

Usually, the headlights or some other battery-draining fixtures are left on; and when you jump into your car, ready to start the day, you hear that dreaded “click-click-click” instead of the purring of the engine. Don’t feel bad— it happens to everyone. Just call us, and we’ll send a towing tech to assist you with a jump start.

Jump-starting a battery is a fairly simple process, so if that is your vehicle’s problem, you should be on the road again soon after the tech arrives. Just explain to the tow truck driver the issue that you have encountered, and he’ll take a few moments to do some tests. If the battery is still good, just out of juice, the tech can easily jump the battery with enough power to get you going. After that, you just have to run the vehicle long enough to recharge the battery completely. In some cases, your battery may be completely bad, which means you’ll need to have the car towed to your favorite auto repair shop for a replacement.

Run Out of Gas? Need a quick fuel delivery?

We see this often than the dead battery issue, but it still occurs on a regular basis for drivers. You get busy with all the hustle and bustle of life, and you forget to glance at the gas gauge in your car; or maybe you think you can make it to work and back on that last bit of gas. What you didn’t count on was the traffic jam that burned through the rest of your fuel and left you stranded on the roadside.

Don’t panic— our services include fuel delivery. Call East Towing, and one of our drivers will be along shortly with enough gas or diesel to get you to the nearest gas station. Why trek those miles back and forth from the gas station on foot, by yourself when you can have one of our friendly techs deliver the fuel to you? With our help, your car will be gassed up and ready to go again within a reasonable time frame.

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