Flat Tire Repair Service

Whether it goes out with a boom or a wheeze, losing a tire is no fun. Maybe you notice that it’s flat in the morning before work, or maybe you find yourself rumbling along on the rim and have to work your way to the side of the road for an emergency stop. Either way, a flat tire can really throw your day into chaos. Call us, and we’ll make order out of that chaos and get you on your way again as quickly as possible.

When you first notice that you have a flat tire, make the smart, safe choice. Don’t try to tough it out and keep driving to your destination. You could end up causing severe damage to the rim, and if that happens, our tech will have to tow you to a repair shop rather than simply swapping the tire. If you keep driving with a flat, your ability to steer is impaired, and you could cause a serious car accident. Just pull over as soon as you observe the problem, and give us a call.

In less severe cases of tire problems, the tech who comes to your aid may be able to patch the tire. Sometimes, a nail or screw punches a small hole that is fixable with a tire plug. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to get home or wherever else you need to go. Just keep in mind that a patch is usually a temporary solution; eventually, you’ll need to have that tire replaced.

Sometimes, all the tech can do is change the whole tire for you. You’ll need to have a spare tire on hand. If you don’t, the driver will load up your vehicle on one of our premium flatbed tow trucks and take it to your preferred auto repair shop, where the vehicle can be fitted with a brand-new tire.

Before you go anywhere in your car, do a quick walk-around. Check each tire briefly to ensure that there is plenty of tread, no bald spots, and sufficient air. You can even test the air pressure in the tires with a handy little device. You can’t always prevent a flat tire, but staying aware of your tires’ condition can help you identify potential issues before they become serious problems.

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