Flatbed Towing Service NY

Did your vehicle decide to quit working for you today? Maybe it blew a tire, or wouldn’t start, or began chuffing and sputtering on the interstate, forcing you to pull over. Whatever the problem may be, all you have to do is give East Towing a call, and we’ll be on the spot with our reliable, safe, flatbed towing service to rescue you and your vehicle.

Towing can be tricky, especially for heavy vehicles like SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans. That’s why each one of our towing techs is thoroughly trained and well-versed in the correct procedures for loading those big automobiles. Once you call us, we’ll dispatch our nearest towing tech to you to provide assistance. Just explain your situation to the tech, and he’ll give you the best help available. If that means towing your car back to your home or to a nearby auto repair shop, that’s what our driver will do.

Are you concerned about damage occurring to your vehicle during the towing process? There is a risk of damage anytime your car is out of the driveway, but with our flatbed tow trucks, the chances of something happening to your vehicle are minimal. The safety of people and the security of your vehicle are two of our top priorities, and we take every precaution to ensure that your car is gently loaded onto the flatbed and safely transported wherever you need it to go.

The same commitment to security holds true whether you’re having your vehicle towed to the shop or transported across the state to a new home or a new owner. If you ever need to move a car, truck, van, sedan, or mini-van without driving it, just call us. We can put it on one of our flatbed tow trucks, secure it to the truck bed, and take it to your prescribed location. It should arrive on site at the right time, in precisely the same condition as it was when our tech picked it up.

There’s no need to sit and stew in your driveway or by the side of the road! Just give us a call. We’re happy to help you out anytime, day or night.

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