Trailer Towing Laws – What Your Vehicles Must Have: East Towing Purdys NY Area Towing Services

If you’re one of those adventurous folks who tow vehicles, either for a living or for vacation purposes, (and the experts East Towing Purdys NY area towing services provider,  takes its collective hat off to you), you do need to be aware of state towing laws—a lawful tow in one state may be unlawful in another.

Why you should research first

Travel Alabama to Mississippi, you may be exceeding the 10 mph towing speed; California to Nevada, you may have a too-wide trailer (and it better have brakes with a weight limit above 1000 pounds).   And if you’re hauling multiple vehicles, you’re fine in South Carolina, but a scoff-law in Georgia.   That means that anyone traveling state to state should do the research first, and be prepared for the laws that change with the border crossing.

The laws for all tows

Regardless of state lines, however, there are some towing laws in effect everywhere.   For instance, all trailers must be equipped with operating taillights, and all such vehicles must have a light above the license plate.  That’s de rigueur for everyone.

As far as equipment, all towing vehicles should be equipped with safety chains (the kind that cross over in an X-shape, to stabilize the connection between trailer and towing vehicle), brake lights (essential to prevent collisions), clearance lights (if the trailer is wider than most models; this helps offset most standard-width state laws), turn signals (separate from the towing vehicle, and a necessity if the trailer blocks the towing vehicle) and reflectors (invaluable for keeping the trailer visible).

Some optional equipment, depending on the state

Some states—not all—require the following safety equipment, and all the experts at East Towing Purdys NY Towing services provider,  recommends having it available.  This includes breakaway brakes (which, like safety chains, prevent accidents in case of hitches failing; these power brakes apply automatically upon separation of towing vehicle and trailer), flares (which should be standard equipment for any tow) and tie-downs (essential if you’ve got any sort of load on a trailer that needs to be secured at multiple points).

One last thing . . .

Finally, most states require trailer brakes when their unit exceeds a weight amount of 1500 pounds, and stipulates a maximum towing speed.

So be prepared, and let us at East Towing Purdys NY area towing services wish you a safe state-to-state trip!

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