Towing Service Pound Ridge NY

Towing Service Pound Ridge NY.  East towing offers the best towing service is the town of Pound Ridge NY.  East Towing also specializes in recovery, which means pulling cars out of places were they can’t get out on there own.  In Pound Ridge people often need to call a tow truck because there car slid off the road and is down an embankment due to the narrow roads and steep hills.  East towing uses state of the art equipment to get your car out of these situations minimizing damages to your vehicle.  If your car is stuck and need Towing Service Pound Ridge NY, the best towing service to call is East Towing because while other companies maybe able to get your car out, they do not have the special recovery equipment East Towing does to recover your car without damaging it more that it already is.  Again if you are  in need of towing in the city of Pound Ridge NY please call us at 914-977-3900.  To check out some of our equipment  East Towing Inc is a reliable towing service that operates 24/7.  East Towing does it all from recovery, to short and long distance towing.  If you are in need of towing service please call us for a quote.

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