Towing Service Mt Kisco Ny

Towing Service Mt Kisco Ny. If you are in the town of Mt Kisco Ny,  Here are some tips form to follow if your mercedes benz vehicle needs to be towed in the Town of Mt Kisco Ny.

  • Remove the towing eye from the tool kit located in the trunk floor of the vehicle.

  • 2

    Remove tow eye covers from the front bumper of the vehicle. Press the tow eye covers inward in the direction of the arrow on the cover and take the covers off the openings. There are two covers that you remove.

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  • 3

    Place the tow eyes in the slots under the covers you removed in step 3 and screw clockwise to tighten.

  • 4

    Run the towing cables through the tow eyes to attach the vehicle to the tow truck.

  • 5

    Insert the key into the ignition key cylinder and turn to position “2.”

  • 6

    Depress the brake pedal and hold it down.

  • 7

    Shift the transmission lever into the neutral “N” position.

  • 8

    Release the brake pedal.

    Remember if you have a Mercedes Benz that needs to be towed in Mt Kisco Ny, nobody is better equipped than East Towing.  East Towing’s has a lot of experience with towing Mercedes Benz and will make sure that your car is towed the right way.  Others who don’t have much experience with Mercedes Benz can damage your car.  Again if your Mercedes Benz needs to be towed in the town of Mt Kisco Ny, please contact East Towing for a quote.

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