Towing Service

Towing service Mt Kisco Ny, Katonah Ny, Goldens Bridge NY. Be sure to take precaution in parking lots because many accidents can happen even at slow speeds. Although your car may be traveling at a slower speed you can still cause major damage to your car or another person’s car especially in parking lots in which people are typically preoccupied with finding a parking space or trying to manuever around in a busy lot. Especially avoid pulling through into a parking spot from the opposite side, this can lead to a collision with a car pulling in from the correct side.  The best thing you can do to avoid being in an accident and haveing to call a towing service is just drive slow and be alert at all time.  A lot of car accidents that take place are due to excessive speed.

Be aware in large and busy parking lots such as the A&P in Goldens Bridge, Target in Mt Kisco, and the shopping plaza in Katonah. If you do ever find yourself in a fender bender situation be sure to call East Towing for immediate towing service and we will be able to tow all parties involved to the nearest autobody.

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