Towing Service Bedford NY Junk cars Bedford NY

Towing Service Bedford NY.  East Towing is offering top dollar for any junk cars in the town of Bedford NY.  If you have any junk cars, or need towing service in the town of Bedford NY and need to have a tow truck tow it away, please give East Towing a call. East Towing will go any were in a twenty mile radius for junk cars.  East Towing can also take junk cars without titles depending on the year of the car.  East Towing dosn’t care how destroyed the car that you need to get rid of , even if the car has been in an accident this usually does not diminish the value of the price for the junk car.  However if certain parts of the car are missing such as the catolitic converter, engine, transmission, or wheels, East Towing will deduct from the price of you junk vehicles value.  To find out more about getting rid of your junk car with East Towing or to find out more about our towing service in Bedford NY, please visit our main website at  If you would like to check out the New York State Laws regarding junk cars please visit the NYS DMV.

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