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This week East towing is offering discounted rates to all mechanic shops and auto company’s in Katonah NY, Bedford hills NY, Bedford NY, and North Salem NY.  Our towing services will be offered to auto repair companies in these area at half price for this week and this week only.  Tow trucks will still be arriving to your broken down customers fast, in a professional manor, and at half of the regular tow charge.  So please if you or your customers are broken down or need towing near Katonah NY, Bedford hills NY, Bedford NY, and North Salem NY.  Call us at (914)977-3900.  In addition to towing and flatbed service we are offering the following auto services this week at discounted rates.

Our towing company is offering jump starts and half price this week. you or your customer go outside to there car in the morning and try start there car only to find the battery dead, we can assist you with getting your car started again.  The last couple of weeks in the Katonah NY area have been very hot, and there have been numerous call made to East Towing because of dead batteries were customers knew they needed a jump start or thought their automobile needed to be towed.  The hot weather cause car batteries to go bad and recommends if your battery is getting old to head over to Keanes Auto works in Bedford Hills NY to have your battery tested or replaced.  Or if you need towing near Bedford Hills NY or Katonah NY, we can tow you in.

Flat tires are one of the number one reason people call us to have there car towed.  Our company offers the best response time in Katonah NY for towing and tire changes.  We can change your tire right there on the spot or if you prefer tow you into a local car dealership of your choice.

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