Towing Service Bedford NY

Towing Bedford NY: East Towing wants to remind everyone in Bedford NY that our towing service is prepared and ready for hurricane Sandy.  If for any reason during the storm you end up in a jam in Bedford NY and are in need of towing service, East Towing is ready to respond fast and will have a flatbed truck waiting in the Bedford NY and Bedford Hills NY area ready to respond with fast towing service.

One problem that many people  in Mt Kisco NY will be facing do to  hurricane Sandy is trees that have fallen on there cars.  If you have this problem In Mt Kisco NY and need towing service, the professionals at east towing will be able to help with removing the tree or tree branches from your car, and towing your automobile to your choice autobody shop.  East Towing recommends for all people in Mt Kisco NY to try to avoid parking your vehicle by trees.  For more hurricane saftey tips please visit this website

Also the snow from the Nor Eastern storm will leave many vehicles stuck in snow or off the road.  East Towing recommends that everybody located In Mt Kisco NY to keep a full tank of gas in their automobile, and a cell phone on hand.  If your car is stuck it is important that you conserve fuel and heat until you are able to get out of the snow.  Again if you need help don’t hesitate to call East Towing.

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