Towing Bedford NY Towing

East Towing Inc provides dollies for towing cars in the town of Bedford Ny. It is important to use dollies when your car dosn’t shift into neutral or you have lost the keys to your vehicle.  Dollies lift your car off the ground, rather than dragging the car which in some cases can cause damage to your vehicle.  Many car such as BMWMercedes BenzAudiLand Rover ect, are stuck in park when they do not start.  A lot of towing companies will drag your car that is stuck in park on to there flatbed.  The best way to tow your car however is to use dollies in a situation like this so that your car dosn’t get damaged in the process. East Towing inc uses In The Ditch Speed Dollies to unsure that when your car is stuck in neutral in the town of Bedford NY it is towed the proper way.  Although it there is an extra charge when the use of dollies are required, is is nothing compared to the cost of the damage that can be done to your car if the towing company that tows your car dosn’t use or have the proper equipment they need to tow your car.  Please give East Towing a call for a price quote if your car is in Bedford NY and needs to be towed and it is stuck in neutral or with keys.

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