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You might need to call a tow truck if you find yourself stranded due to a flat tire, car accident or mechanical trouble. There are some important steps to follow after calling for a tow. Know how to wait for a tow truck to keep yourself and your car safe.


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    Move your car.

    • Move your car as far away from moving traffic and as far onto the road’s shoulder as possible if you can safely drive the vehicle. This will keep passing motorists from hitting your disabled vehicle while waiting for a tow truck and will make it easier for the tow truck driver to situate his truck near enough to your car to hook up the tow.
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    Turn your hazard lights on.

    • Turn the vehicle’s hazard lights on after you’ve moved the car safely off the road while you’re waiting to be towed. The button or switch for your vehicle’s hazard lights is usually on the steering column or the dashboard. The flashing lights will alert other motorists that your car is disabled and help them see it on the side of the road, especially at night.
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    Place reflective triangles around the vehicle.

    • Use reflective triangles or cones from an emergency roadside kit to cordon off the area around your disabled vehicle. Be sure to place at least one at the front and one at the rear of the vehicle and a third along the side of the car facing the road. This will help make your vehicle visible to other motorists while you’re waiting for your vehicle to be towed.
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    Organize belongings.

    • Get together anything inside the vehicle that you need to take with you after you’ve been towed. This should include any valuable items and any vehicle insurance information stored in your glove compartment. Organize everything so you can leave your car quickly with everything you need.
  5. 5

    Stay in your vehicle.

    • Remain in your vehicle after taking outside safety measures until the tow truck arrives. This is important, because it will keep you safe from the elements and passing vehicles.
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    Use caution if approached.

    • Be careful if you’re approached by other motorists while waiting for a tow truck. Lock your doors, stay in the car and crack the window an inch to talk to them instead of rolling it all the way down. Do not leave the vehicle or accept a ride if the person approaching your vehicle is anyone other than the tow truck driver.
  7. 7

    Get identification.

    • Ask the tow truck dispatcher for the name of the driver being dispatched to you or the identification number or license plate number of the tow truck being sent. This will help you know if the vehicle that arrives is legitimate and the driver is who he says he or she is. Verify this information before exiting your vehicle.


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