The Best Tow Trucks: East Towing Mount Kisco NY Area Towing Services

The experts at East Towing Mount Kisco NY Towing Service provider, would love to have your business, which is why we’re ready to serve you 24/7/365, year round; however, we do recognize that some people, if they don’t have an emergency tow, prefer to do their own towing.

Here is a listing of the three best trucks (as rated by Forbes magazine) for towing capacity and durability:

  • The best of the lot is the International CXT pickup, from Navistar; this is the world’s largest non-commercial towing vehicle (also used for off-road adventures, camping and the like), and it boasts a remarkable towing capacity of 40 thousand pounds.   It’s an impressive vehicle by itself; despite its mammoth size, it is not a commercial truck nor does one need a commercial license to drive it.  One should be commercially minded, though; its asking price is $120K.
  • Second, and more affordable for most consumers (and East Towing Mount Kisco NY experts recommends the affordable, always), is the Ford F-350 Super Duty.  At a list price of less than $24K it’s a lot more viable as a vehicle for the regular driver, and its towing capacity is over 19 thousand pounds, which is usually enough for any moderate towing job.  This is one reason the Ford F-350 has been a number one bestseller for over 25 years: it features a special transmission which engages for towing, and a telescoping mirror that allows ease in looking around trailers.
  • Coming in third is the GMC Sierra.  It’s more expensive than the Ford (starting at a little over $27K) but with a massive and durable 6.6 liter turbo engine (the Duramax, best of its kind), and a luxurious interior that belies its tough towing capacity of over 16 thousand pounds.  It’s the best of both worlds, luxury and towing power, and even comes with DVD player and seven-speaker system, to keep passengers entertained during that long towing adventure.
  • We can also recommend the Chevy Silverado (16, 700 towing), the Dodge Ram (16,400) and the International MXT (cousin to the CXT, with 16K pound towing).

Whichever vehicle you choose, East Towing Mount Kisco NY Towing Service providers. wish you a long and successful haul!

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