Six steps to take if your in an accident in Mt Kisco NY Towing Service

Six Steps To Take If You’re In An Accident


Car accidents can wreak havoc on an otherwise peaceful day. Even if they’re minor, they can often create confusion. You might ask yourself, how should I react? What should I do?

Leading car insurer Progressive offers these simple steps to follow after an accident:

  • Stay calm. Keeping a calm demeanor helps you stay in control of the situation.
  • Make sure you and your passengers are OK. Move as far off the roadway as possible but stay at the scene of the accident. Warn oncoming traffic by activating your hazard warning lights and/or setting flares if you have them.
  • Call the police. Call 911 or the appropriate emergency number to report the accident.
  • Contact your insurance company and report the claim. The sooner your insurance company knows about the accident, the sooner it can start working to resolve your claim.
  • Do not admit fault. To protect yourself legally, do not discuss the car accident with anyone other than the police and your insurance company.
  • Exchange vital information with the other driver involved in the car accident.

These are six things that East Towing Inc believes people should remember when being involved in a car accident in Mt Kisco NY.  East Towing generally gives a response time of 30 mins or less to any car accidents needing towing service in Mt Kisco NY. East Towing Inc is a reliable towing service that operates 24/7.  East Towing does it all from recovery, to short and long distance towing.  If you are in need of towing service please call us for a quote.

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