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East Towing Inc wants the people of Bedford Hills NY to know how to select the right towing company if there car or suv is broken down in the town of Bedford Hills NY and you are in need of a towing company.  Here are some tips:

Out of gas? Slid off the road? Vehicle won’t start?  When it is time to call a towing service, you should follow these tips:

1)     Work with a towing company that is able to handle your particular situation.  Explain the problem and ask detailed questions to make certain that the company has the experience and equipment to provide the assistance you need.

2)     Select a company that comes highly recommended.  Even if you need road side assistance, most mobile phones allow internet access and you can check reviews online.  If you can’t ask how long the company has been in business, where they are located and even ask about their BBB rating, awards, accreditations or for other recommendations.  The way that they answer will tell a lot about the company.

3)     Ask about rates and hidden costs.  Be certain to ask clear and concise questions about rates and ask for an estimate.  While most towing companies are reputable, it is best to ask a number of questions about their service.  Be certain that you ask for a complete quote from pick up to drop off.  Remember that the cheapest is not always the best.

4)     Well maintained equipment is an important aspect of receiving quality towing service.  It is within your right to ask about the equipment.  Ask the representative about or inspect the type and age of their towing equipment.  Well maintained equipment typically reflects on the way that they will handle your vehicle.

5)     If possible call your insurance agent or auto club service for recommendations.  If you are out of town, call a local car dealer or local business if they have recommendations.

6)     Certifications and professional associations can help choose the right company.  Ask the towing company about accreditations, awards, professional organizations and if the tow driver is licensed and bonded.

7)     Time estimates.  Ask the towing representative how quickly they can arrive to assist you with your towing needs.  While you shouldn’t necessarily choose based upon how quickly the tow truck can get to your vehicle, if you are on the side of the road or in a potentially dangerous area, time could be a determining factor.  Be certain to let the tow company know the urgency of your situation.  Most 24 hour emergency towing companies can provide service in your time of need.

Choosing the right towing company and making informed decisions could make a difference in the safety of your family and vehicle.

This article was taken from this website http://www.mylocally.com/a/automotive/towing/how-do-you-know-which-towing-company-is-best/

If you are in need of towing service in Bedford Hills NY, Please contact East Towing of Cross River NY at 914-977-3900.

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