How To Get Back To Safe Night Driving – Tips from East Towing Katonah NY area Towing Services

Most people hate driving at night, and everyone from East Towing understands that feeling.  So, even if it may cost us towing Katonah NY business, we’d like to share some tips for night driving that will help you “take back the night” on the road.

  • First, have your headlights aimed.  Even if your car is brand new, it often has a focus problem (most owner’s manuals have instructions for the do-it-yourselfer, but it’s a nominal adjustment cost from the dealership).   And while you’re at it, clean headlights often—it’s worth the time and trouble to have a clear light for night-time.
  • Next, since your lights are so bright, dim your dash and instrument panel; your forward vision will be greatly improved by this, and it uses less energy overall.  Take a lesson from the race car driver; before he races his car on the track, he’ll cover his instrument panel in black felt.

All the towing Katonah NY experts agree on this:

  • Avoid all sunglasses at night, even those yellow-tints that the manufacturers say make you see better.   Not true—they eliminate some contrast in your vision, but they cut down on available light to a dangerous extent.   Prescription glasses are okay, particularly those with protective coating.
  • Afraid of hitting an animal?  You’ll see its eyes long before it’s in range, so keep an eye out for reflections of light in that critter’s wide-eyed retina, and save a deer (plus avoid damage to your car).   Also, slow down and wait for the animal to leave the highway—if you try to move around him, he’ll move in front of you by following your lights.
  • While we’re on the subject of staring at lights, don’t you do it either—look away from bright lights as you pass an oncoming vehicle.  If someone’s lights behind you are too bright, adjust your rearview mirror.
  • Finally, make sure your windshields are clean.  The best way to remove streaks, incidentally, is to use newspaper on the windows, and never wipe streaks off with your hands—the streaks just get bigger.   Do the same with your mirrors.

Everyone at East Towing wishes you safe driving night or day and remember when you need towing services in Katonah NY, be sure to give us a call.

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